Buying or Selling with Triple States Auctions is so easy and fun!

Whether you are a looking to buy or sell real estate, you are a seasoned collector, or are new to the auction experience, we have something for you and we will help walk you through the entire buying or selling process.

How Do I Become a Bidder If I See Something I Want To Buy?

There are two ways to become a bidder - you can bid in-person, or you can bid online

In-Person Bidding

If you are going to attend in person, you can sign up the day of the auction. We'll need your drivers licence or a state-issued ID, and it takes less than 5 minutes to sign up.

Online Bidding Via Tablet or Desktop Computer - *If you as the bidder or Triple Family Auction Services for whatever reason loses interenet access during the bidding process, we are not responsible for any bids not able to go through due to technological issues*

We have found that using Internet Explorer is NOT the optimal browser. This browser is prone to viruses and will not allow you to access certain parts of the bidding experience.
Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are excellent choices for a browser. Our system has been optimized to function on all three of these.

1) Go to our website,, and click on the "Current Auctions" tab.

2) Find the auction you want to bid on and click either the main picture of the auction or the auction name you want to bid on.

3) Once the auction page opens, tap the blue "Register to Bid" button in the bottom left hand corner of the page, and fill out the information needed to register. The info needed can vary depending on what type of item you'll be bidding on. All terms and conditions will be presented before you register to bid.

4) When you are registered, you will be able to log in and bid on your items. Good luck and happy hunting!

Absentee Bidding

For those unable to attend the auction, Triple States Family Auction Sercies offers the absentee bid service as a convenience to our bidders. Please call no less than 24 hours in advance to schedule absentee bidding with a team member.

Phone Bidding

Can't be in front of a laptop or only have enough cell signal to make and receive calls? Not a problem, you can still bid with Triple States. Please call no less than 24 hours in advance to schedule phone bidding with a team member.

What Types of Auctions Does Triple States Use to Sell?

Triple States Family Auctions holds many different types of auctions. Two of the most common types are a Live and Online Auction, and an Online Only Auction

Live and Online Auctions

Live and Online Auctions start with online bidding and are then conducted in front of a live audience, with a clerk letting the auctioneer know of online bids coming in at the same time. During these events each item presented in the auction is also available for bidding in an online venue hosted by the Triple States Family Auction Online Bidding platform at

While the auctioneer is receiving bids from the assembled audience, the auctioneer is also taking bids from bidders who are bidding through the Triple States website in real time or by advance bidding. Following the auction, the successful bidders are notified by email and payment arrangements are made; applicable buyer’s premium applies.

Online Only Auction

This type of auction is open for bidding until the specified date and time the auction ends, at which time the highest bid will win the item, unless the reserve price for the item (set by the seller, not Triple States) has not been reached. This is very similar to an eBay-style auction - bidders can put in a one-time bid of X dollars, or they can also have their bidding automated up to a specific dollar amount. For example, you could put in a single bid of $500 on a leather recliner, or you could put in a maximum bid of $500. Using the maximum bid can save you money, as the system will automatically bid for you up to $500, but if the bid does not reach that high, or you are not outbid, you will be the final bidder at an amount less than $500

Other Things To Know!

The highest bidder shall be the buyer, and if any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the auctioneer shall decide the buyer or immediately put the item up for sale again.  The auctioneer’s decision will be binding and final. When the auctioneer says "SOLD!" the sale is finished and final.

Some lots are offered subject to a reserve, which is a confidential minimum price set by the seller of the lot, below which such a lot will not be sold. 


I'm Ready to Sell! Why Use Triple States?

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We specialize in sales of real estate, equipment, machinery, business liquidation, personal property, and bankruptcy.


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